New manga drawing coming on 1st. June!

A shining, sunny child with a tragic destiny - the portrait of a real douchess is joining the gallery soon. Mashka, Grand Douchess Maria Nikolaevna Romanova, third daughter of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia, is looking at us from a formal photo of the year 1906. The drawing copies the photograph freely, bringing into it a touch of manga style as well as coloures seen on Russian orthodox icon art. On the right can be seen a piece of the frame artwork of the portrait, which is to be revealed on 1st. June.

New architectural fantasy added on 1st. December 2008!

This new architectural fantasy was named "Island of the Lords". The drawing pictures the German-styled faerytale town, it's most distinguished houses and office palaces on a peaceful day of Spring. The tiny port is alife with folks. Up above, fleecy clouds float on a blue sky, down below there floats their reflections in the river. And the sky is blue indeed: coloure blue was used for the first time in an architectural drawing. On the right is a detail of the drawing, that can be viewed now on the gallery page.

New naive art drawing added on 1st. October 2008!

Rege Gallery received a new naive art drawing in October. It follows and improves the style of previous naive drawings and bears the title "Sweet Homeland - China". Imagination was given free hands, rather than being bound by a planed out concept, it paired up with intuition, creating this time lots of nature, flowery fields, traditional-like rendering of forests, red flags floating in the wind, proud industries rumbling away tirelessly and a somewhat worried-faced good old sun. A picture sleeping half-finished for a very long time has been completed thus and revealed to visitors. On the right you can see a preview of the drawing, also to be found in the Rege Gallery.